Special Wristband

Buying Custom Wristbands for Your Events

Pink Wristband. There's nothing more beautiful on a woman's wrist than a brightly colored wristband. If you don't like bright colors, or if you want your wristband to stand out, this is a great choice. Most pink wristbands sold in Singapore are custom designed and made by a small group of seamstresses who specialize in wristband creations.


A pink wristband is usually between three to four inches in diameter. wristband singapore is not just about wristbands; it's about everything that goes on your wrist. From unique handmade wristbands to traditional Mysore woven wristbands to the new generation power balance wristband, Singapore has something for everyone. And if you're looking to buy wristbands in Singapore, you'll have a lot of choices. These 5 popular bands are a good starting point to explore the many styles, materials, and designs available: Power Balance Wristband.


This band was inspired by the real power balance wristbands used in Thailand. The material used is silicone rubber, which has been known to last a long time. You can't just wear these bands anywhere, though. A power balance wristband is for use in Singapore, and these bands must be kept under lock and key at all times, according to Singapore laws. A standard band is around fourteen to sixteen inches long. Red Wristband. There's something cute and festive about red wristbands, as is true with many other colors.


Red wristbands can be used for many different causes, including fundraising, promoting a product or service, and for patriotism. Red wristbands in Singapore are quite popular, and many local retailers can sell them with pride. Yellow Wristband. Everyone has seen yellow wristbands, probably even worn one themselves at one point or another. These bands are typically used by children at fundraising events, and they make great souvenirs.